Stealthy’ Big-Data Company Saama Emerges With $35 Million


Reporter Deborah Gage explains the history of Saama Technologies, the vision of Founder Suresh Katta, and why the company raised $35 million in series A funding from Carrick Capital Partners long after the firm was established and profitable. “Mr. Katta imagined that corporations would want to be able to find, aggregate and analyze large volumes of data… It was an unusual idea at the time, and with almost no sales or marketing and no venture capital, which he repeatedly turned down, he built a company that has been profitable every quarter… Now he thinks Saama has a chance to get significantly bigger. The company, which has less than $100 million in revenue, is finally ‘coming out of stealth,’ as Mr. Katta put it, and has raised $35 million from Carrick Capital Partners.”

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