Q&A: References From Portfolio Co. CEOs Helped Carrick Capital Raise Debut Fund, Says Madden


Jim Madden was interviewed by Sabrina Willmer for a Q&A on Carrick Capital Partners’ firm and debut fund. “Q: What made you decide to start a new firm? A: Marc and I have known and worked with each other for the last seven years. I started Exult in 1998. General Atlantic was the first, founding investor in the company. Marc started with General Atlantic at about the same time but was not involved with Exult. When I sold Exult at the end of 2004, I became a special adviser with General Atlantic. Marc and I looked at half a dozen deals together and completed one transaction. My background was more operational and entrepreneurial. When Marc decided he wanted to establish his own investment firm, it was a natural step to start a fund together…”

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