ContinuLink’s Triple-Digit Growth in Customers Fuels New Customer Support Initiative

Boca Raton, FL (March 24, 2015) – ContinuLink, the Procura Group’s Web-based solution for home health care software, has seen dramatic triple-digit growth over the past six months, and as a result is investing over one million dollars into its customer support and implementation programs, including an innovative “voice of the customer” program.

“ContinuLink has done very well by listening to its customers,” remarks Brad Caldwell, Executive Vice President of Sales, “so we want to continue to listen, and keep making sure that our home health software is always implemented properly and efficiently, that our clients are thoroughly oriented and acclimated to our system, and that our support staff remains highly effective.”

Driven by the rapid evolution of home health care requirements, the ever-increasing diversity of payers and waivers, and the inability of local server-based home care software systems to respond to so much change in a dependable and timely manner, ContinuLink created the first Web-based software solution for home care.

Essentially, ContinuLink filled a gap. Its founders observed that the home health care software market had yet to provide a nimble, adaptable product that could handle all the impending changes in the home health care industry, and realized that the traditional software/server-based model would not work. Therefore, ContinuLink determined that its own product had to be Web-based, so that adaptations could be as seamless as possible. “It is critical for home care agencies to have a system in place that they can depend on not only to handle all of their business needs today, but also all their business lines tomorrow,” explains Caldwell.

The Procura Group has successfully implemented its systems with home health care industry leaders like ResCare, Arcadia, NurseCore, Premier Health Care, major multi-national Franchise-based organizations, as well as numerous small and medium-sized agencies.
“We’re excited about the investments we are making, not only in human capital, but also in services and training tools and content to make implementation a better and a more efficient customer experience,” says Jeremy Crow, VP of Customer Care. “We believe this will enable our customers to have a more significant and quicker return on their investment in ContinuLink.”

Caldwell also notes that proper system implementation is a crucial key to success. “In replacing different vendors, we have seen more often than not, the old software system was never implemented entirely correctly. For us, it’s all about listening to our customers and making sure that as we expand, our implementation and support services are positioned to align with the increased requirements. That’s the ultimate Quality Assurance program.”

About The Procura Group of Companies
Procura is a multi-national provider of software and solutions to home health agencies, community care agencies, hospice and residential care agencies. Procura’s offerings are focused on enhancing back office efficiency, scheduling, and coordinating clinical care delivery for its customers’ field and clinical workers. Procura licenses its products in the US, Canada, and Australia to over 2,300 customer sites that manage care for over 1.71 million clients in the community. Procura’s product portfolio includes ContinuLink, the Procura Health Management System, Igea, the PeoplePoint residential management system, and the Progresa Health System.

About the ContinuLink SaaS Platform
ContinuLink is the most sophisticated and scalable software solution for home health care agencies. ContinuLink continues its rapid growth with over 15,000 users at more than 519 agency locations, serving over 90,000 patients and managing over 50,000 caregivers in the Medicaid, Medicaid Waiver, Medicaid MCO, Private Pay, Supplemental Staffing, and Medicare lines of business. Engineered as an open Web-based platform, ContinuLink leads the industry in technology based solutions for home care providers.

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